Our Story

Dorchester was certainly no stranger to the boating community as it was the first town in the colonies to commercialize fishing in the 1600's, after a failed experiment in Gloucester. The town was considered rural back then until it was officially annexed to Boston in 1869. At that time there were several yacht clubs in Boston Harbor. Dorchester explored the idea of establishing its own club. In July of 1869 it formed a Regatta, a formal race for yachts in which prizes would be given out to the winners. The prizes in this case were donated by the residents of the town. The event gained much attraction from all over the state resulting in a very successful event. The season was so successful that local community members and participants decided to form a club and name it after the town. Thus, the Dorchester Yacht Club was formed in 1870.

In the early days, meetings, elections and other club events were held in neighborhood homes and businesses of its members. Later on, the club built its facility on Freeport St. in Dorchester. In the 1950’s, with the construction of interstate 93, the club was put on a barge and moved to its current location by Malibu Beach in Savin Hill, Dorchester.

Today, approximately 275 members and 160 boats call the Dorchester Yacht Club home. The club provides affordable dockage and waterfront access to many blue collar families in the area.


Freeport st location

Late 1940’s


Early Days at dyc

Early 1950’s


aerial shot of basin




Boy & Girls Club

Annual DYC Cruise 2016


Boy & Girls Club

Annual DYC Cruise 2017

  • Annual Supporter of the Boys & Girls Club of Dorchester through our annual Boys & Girls Club Cruise

  • Thousands of dollars donated to the Martin Richards MR8 Foundation through our annual Jimmy Finn Golf Tournament

  • Annual donor to the Savin Hill Little League

  • Afforadable dockage & access to the waterfront for local communities

  • Public waste pump out for local boaters

  • Reciprocity to local clubs

  • Boater’s Safety Courses through USCG Auxillary