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Respectfully Submitted by Daniel Quigley, Secretary Dorchester Yacht Club

December/January 2019 Lighthouse


The December election is done and the BOD has changed some of its positions. We have a busy year ahead of us with getting the deck done and of course the dredging project. We've lost more members than usual this year and I'm not sure it's because of the cost of the dredging but once it's done we'll have a deep water protected marina. There are still some members that have not paid their December dredging fee and I need to remind them that we have an oldest bill paid first leaving your dues unpaid.
If this happens you lose your slip and seniority if you choose to remain a member. This is always a tough time for the officers of the club because nobody likes to chase people for money owed to the club but we have to run it like a business. Other than that it's quiet around the club except for the football games on Sunday. Well other than that there's not much to talk
about so as always please be careful coming and going from the club. Hope to see you in March when we start up again for the boating season.


New England Boat Show: February 9-17, Looking for Volunteers at Booth!

Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday March 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Membership Meeting: Thursday March 14, 2019 at 7:30 pm


We are looking for volunteers to work the yacht club booth at the New England Boat Show. An email was sent out yesterday as well. Members will receive work hours for attending. This will be first come first serve.

Before committing, please triple check your schedule so we do not have any issues. Please let me know what day you would like to cover. Ideally we will have two members at the booth at all times. 

Members are asked to dress well, business casual as you are representing the yacht club. Drinking alcohol in the booth is prohibited. We will have some print outs, a slide show of photos, etc at the booth. This is a great opportunity to recruit new membership into the club, so members are asked to "sell it up." You will be given a one page print out with club info regarding initiation fees,work hour requirements, and other fees. 

Members who attend will have (1) ticket per member set aside at will call. You can pick your ticket up at will call the day you arrive. Will call is in the lobby by the main entrance. You will need to show ID.

Please email me at with your name, phone number and which day you would like to cover. 


Reminder, the dredging fee of $500 was due December 1st! There is a $25/month late fee. The bills for dues went out a couple of weeks ago and are due on or before February 28, 2019. If you wish to pay with a credit card you will need to come to the club during business hours and see the Steward to process your card. We are no longer emailing invoices. If you wish to mail a check, please send checks to Dorchester Yacht Club 100 Playstead Rd. Dorchester, MA 02125


If you are storing in the water for winter, please provide your updated insurance. You can send all emails to  

DYC Board Meeting Thursday - 12/6/2018

Officers present: Dan Quigley, Greg Bedrosian, Brian Taylor, Marty Cahill

Directors present: Bob Mirabito

Chairmen present: Colin Fitzpatrick, John Emanuel, Bob Bailey, Peter Walsh

absent: Jack Donegan, Ray Tomasini, Packy McDonough

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Treasurer: Marty Cahill read report, there are still about 30% of the club who has not paid dredging. Marty asked that Dan send out another reminder. The old accountant still has the books. She has had them for three months. We had requested that our systems be taken back from the internet system and restored back to Marty's system. Marty was meeting with the accountant this week.

Dan had stated that we should advertise at the boat show this year. We need to be actively attracting new membership, the boat show is a great tool. Members will be given work hours for participation at show. Board voted in favor. Marty was asked to send a check to the boat show for $1,595.00 to pay for a booth at the show.

Correspondence: None

House: No Report

Inboard Floats: We are swapping the plugs to 30-amp plugs so they will not trip. A couple of boats are still in but should be gone within the next week.

Moorings: No Report

Outboard Floats: Bubblers are ready. Zincs are in need of a changing. Bob will have some guys swap out the anodes.

Regatta: No Report

Permits: No Report

Safety Officer: No Report

MBYCA: No report

Old Business: The board discussed the dredging fee for new members, associate members and members on leave on absence. Dan suggested that new members be billed $500 twice per year for three years which is what the membership has already voted for. Paul had suggested billing new members the full amount that they have already missed. Dan stated that asking a new member to pay $1,660 for initiation plus $3,000 for dredging was out of reach and we would not attract new members. The board discussed that it would be easier to keep the billing for members bi annually for three years. It was voted on and agreed that new members would receive a $500 bill biannually for three years.

New Business: The board discussed a member and his actions at Old Colony Yacht Club who was caught stealing. Old Colony did not press charges and did not send us any formal notifications. The board discussed calling him to the next board meeting to discuss his actions. Marty Cahill suggested sending him a certified letter stating it was unanimous that the Board of Directors has decided that the club decided that he will not be representing us at MBYCA at future meeting. Dan will draft up a letter and send out immediately.

Adjourned at 6:55 pm

DYC Membership Meeting Thursday 10/11/2018

Officers present: Paul Polito, Greg Bedrosian, Brian Taylor, Daniel Quigley, Marty Cahill

Directors present: Bob Mirabito, Jack Donegan, John Emanuel

Chairmen present: Peter Walsh

absent: Colin Fitzpatrick, Bob Bailey

Meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm

Treasurer: Marty read treasurers report

Correspondence: The boat show information has been received and paid for by Marty. We will be sending out an email next week asking if members want to work the show for members.


Inboard Floats: We had an issue with a spring line missing on a winter storage boat. The dock cracked when a boat pulled in the wind. The member will be on the hook for the damaged dock. The member will be receiving a bill in the spring when the damage is assessed. Reminder to all members, spring lines are a must!


Outboard Floats: None

Regatta: None

Permits: None 

Safety Officer: None 

MBYCA: None 

Old Business: A member had sent a letter to the board stating that another member saw a member of the club on his boat when he did not have permission. The member stated that items were missing. The board discussed the issue. The board agreed that as of now the issue was hearsay. No parties appeared in front of the board. If a member would like to bring a member up on charges, he should appear in front of the board at the next board meeting and submit a formal complaint with evidence. The board tabled the discussion.

Brian Taylor brought up the dredging project. He stated that we are essentially dealing with 3 projects. Dredging, moving the club out, and dredging under the bridge. There will be a lot of permitting that needs to be done for each project. Brian questioned who was responsible for each project or do our consultants plan on consulting on all three project. The board discussed Brian's concerns. As of right now, our Consultant is working on obtaining the Permits on our behalf to complete the projects.

New Business: Bob Mirabito made a motion that drinking be prohibited t board meetings. He stated if one were running a business we would not be drinking at the table. Meetings are been heated in the past, people have made decisions in the past when they were not in clear mind, and meetings tend to run on and on. The motion passed unanimously.

Meeting was Adjourned at 7:10 pm.



December 20, 2018 

Jim and Dan,

I have attached a draft of the letter to be sent to Chapter 91 regarding the Harborline questions at the site.  Please review and let me know if you have any questions prior to us submitting to Chapter 91.  A few questions I'd like to confirm prior to submitting. We have seen on other projects that Chapter 91 will follow up on requests by checking to see that facilities are complying with all conditions of the existing licenses.  The current license (Lic No. 7977) has the following conditions:

  • The sewage pumpout is open to all boaters and a log is kept of the use

  • One toilet per sex for every 50 berths and refuse receptacles at every gangway and restroom area

  • DYC sponsors two boating courses per year open to the public.

On a separate note, I am still coordinating with the USACE regarding the sampling and analysis.  I spoke with the USACE reviewer last Friday to discuss the necessity of having two composite samples at the site, and asked if we can only take one.  He indicated that he did not have a problem but would have to check with the EPA reviewer before giving me an answer. I have emailed and called to follow up and will continue to do so until we get an answer. 

Attached are quotes from two labs for the biological and chemical testing and analyses required by the USACE. These are assuming that there will be two composite samples taken at the site.  Of course if the EPA and USACE are okay with only one composite sample at the site, the costs will be reduced.  Once we get a final decision from the USACE reviewer regarding the number of composites, I'll have the labs revise their quotes as necessary.  TG&B will be available to collect the samples in early January.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments with the attached.  

December 26, 2018 


Thanks for the update.

I did receive some limited information to answer the questions. See below:

- We do have a pump out for all to use. A log is (sometimes) kept

- We have 2 men's heads, 2 women's heads and one handicapped head. A total of 4.

- Trash barrels everywhere.

- We can use the Boys and Girls Club event as a boat safety course

Let me know if you need more of a reply to work with.

Regarding the 91 letter.
I think it would be better if the summary request is clarified and up front in the letter - then followed by the background - then restated in the conclusion/summary.
Let me know what you think.

January 2, 2019  

Thanks Jim, I will send this to the Chapter 91 reviewer today.   Regards, Josh Zall