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Respectfully Submitted by Daniel Quigley, Secretary Dorchester Yacht Club



I’m not sure if all the members understand they have an obligation to do their assigned night watch. We need a member to check the club house to make sure that the heat is on and the pipes aren’t pouring water into the club. If you miss your assigned watch (which are posted on the web page ) you will be fined $100. When the dues are due or at the float assignment this will need to be paid first. The boating season is rolling around fast and I’m looking forward to another sizzling hot summer. The dues are due the
last day of February and float giveaway is April 7th . You must be paid in full in order to transfer or receive an assignment and you must pay for your first assignment to a float so bring your check book. This is also a good time to update all your information such address, boat information, insurance info, and phone contact info. If you have questions show up at the March 14th
meeting. John Hauck is cooking the Saint Patrick’s day boiled dinner. So as always please be careful coming and going from the club.


FLOAT GIVE AWAY - SUNDAY APRIL 7TH (Outboards at Noon) (Inboards at 1pm)

Board of Directors Meeting: Thursday March 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm

Membership Meeting: Thursday March 14, 2019 at 7:30 pm


Thank you to all the volunteers at the New England Boat Show. We got a ton of fantastic feed back from the general public about the club. We also took in 5 new member applications at the show. Probably another 20 applications and about 150 club info sheets were taken as well. Also want to thank the members who volunteered setting up and tearing down the booth at the show.

A new banner will be installed shortly on the front railing at the upstairs balcony at the club saying "Accepting New Members." that will be clearly visible to the highway traffic. Hopefully with the new website, the boat show and our daily efforts, we will see some new faces in the spring.


USE PASSWORD: commodorebow



DYC Board Meeting Thursday - 02/07/2019

Officers present: Paul Polito, Greg Bedrosian, Brian Taylor

Directors present: Jack Donegan, Colin Fitzpatrick, John Emanuel

Chairmen present: Peter Walsh

absent: Bob Mirabito, Bob Bailey, David Greenwood

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m.

Treasurer: Marty read the treasurers report

Correspondence: None

House: None

Inboard Floats: None

Moorings: None

Outboard Floats: None

Regatta: None

Permits: None

Safety Officer: None


Old Business: The board discussed the dredging project. Brian asked if we could find the notes from the initial meeting with the 6 agencies last year. Paul Jim and Jack met with the DEP last week. Jim Bove recapped the meeting. We discussed our Chapter 91. Jim had asked Steele & Associates back when we surveyed the bay were our dredge footprint laid, they could never give us a footprint. The DEP also stated they did not have a formal record of our dredge layout. The DEP also stated that we may not have the right to push to floats out in our general dredge footprint because we technically we do not have one. The DEP would go in front of their in-house attorneys to see if we could push the club out or if we will have to dredge in place. Brian stated that if our harbor line still remains inside of the bridge, is the state liable for any dredging in our harbor of refuge. The DEP suggested it may be easier to dredge within the inter tidal flats (close to the highway were mud is exposed) that to push out. Jim also stated that other agencies may not be ok with that. Jim stated that the next step is the DEP is going to their legal team to see if the information we provided regarding the harbor line to see if it is sufficient. The board is awaiting for the DEP’s answer regarding the harbor line. We did learn that maintenance dredging permits can be extended 15 years which is great news. The cost for our analytical testing went from 66k to 40k which is a he savings.

New Business: Paul brought up the lease. We have decided to stick together with the other clubs in working with the attorney to work towards a lengthy lease. The cost is $2,400 per year for the attorney. We have been overpaying the DCR as our permit should only have increased by 3% since 2015. We have paid approximately 10k extra. We originally thought the permit was going to 18k this year, and it looks like it will only cost us 12k. The board agreed to continue to pay the attorney with the other clubs.

Adjourned at 6:55 pm




February 5, 2019 

Jim, Paul and Jack,

Thanks for attending the meeting with me at the DEP Chapter 91 office this morning. It was a productive meeting and we got a few things flushed out.  Below is a list of action items to continue to move forward with the project:

  • Revise dredge footprint and calculate additional dredge volumes assuming floats are left in their current location and dredging is performed to provide adequate water depth without moving the floats seaward. I will work on this and will get you the updated dredge volumes.

  • Once we have this number, and after we discuss, I will contact the USACE and the EPA to discuss the updated dredge quantity and footprint and let them know we still plan to move forward with the one composite sample for testing. Ideally they agree with that and we can proceed.

  • We will hold off on contacting the lab and TG&B until after we speak with the USACE and EPA.

  • I will continue to look for documentation about the prior dredging authorizations at the site.

  • I will send Chrissy Hopps a scan of the 1916 plan showing the dredging at that time and the Acts of 1929 Chapter 317 where there is a reference to dredging from Commercial Point to the DYC’s location at that time. I will also send her the reference information for the 250-foot offset from the harbor line (1959 Legislative Bill No. 2825).

  • Chrissy will also look for documentation for dredge authorizations at the site.

  • DEP Chapter 91 will meet with their legal counsel to discuss the language of the Act of 1998 that allowed the current floats to be located seaward of the Harbor Line and will provide us with their recommendation regarding relocating the floats.

I have attached scans of the 1916 plan, Chapter 25 of the Acts of 1998, Chapter 317 of the Acts of 1929, and the Legislative Bill No. 2825 of 1959.

February 6, 2019  


Please see the attached draft sketch showing a revised dredge footprint that includes dredging around the floats in their current location, rather than relocating them to deeper water. This is based on comments from our meeting with Chapter 91 this week.  As mentioned at the meeting, Chrissy indicated that she was looking at this from the standpoint of the Chapter 91 regulations, not wetlands or environmental regulations. As sketched, the total dredge volume increases to approximately 32,000 cubic yards and will impact roughly 11,200 square feet of intertidal area. This includes the side slopes adjacent to the dredge footprint.

Please review the attached and discuss with the club. Let’s touch base early next week to talk and see how the DYC wishes to proceed.

Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Josh Zall   February 6, 2019    Gentlemen    Good meeting last night   as we agreed - we'll wait to see what the DEP responds with before proceeding   learnings - permits go longer - up to 15 years, harbor line decision needs to be clarified by the DEP   In the meantime - here is the GZA sketch showing dredging without moving the floats   This increases the 24,000 yards to 32,000 yards   so at 35/yard - 24,000 yards = $ 840,000   32,000 yards at $ 35 = $ 1,120,000     8,000 more yards at 35/yard = $ 280,000   Reminder - we don't need to dredge this deep